Notice Board

 4/2 Nic Hobbs is now going to publish a Rule of the week  with answers. Please take a few moments to read them. You may be pleasantly surprised what you are allowed to do. 
 3/2Inter Club Matches are on the Wall. If you haven't ordered a new club shirt via Jim Robertson by Wed 10th when he will order them you may not get one for £15.  
 28/1To make sure you get the CURRENT information on the web you may need to refresh the web page. To do This.

On a PC or Applemac  Press the Refresh button (circled) in your web browser for PC  and AppleMac

On other devices there is a way of doing this mostly near the address bar at the top of the page.
If you don't know how to, search on the internet for how to refresh on your device.

 28/1 Local Winter rules updated and moved
 26/1The cancelled Stableford & Eclectic Comp of Wed 27th Jan is rescheduled to Wed 3rd Feb replacing the 4BBB pairs.
 21/1 Due to holidays impacting on numbers able to attend the Chi Vets Committee meeting next week I have postponed it to the 10th Feb 2016. - Jim Robertson
 20/1  See the Rules Q & A page
 19/1  Handbook and Rules  (BlackBook) updated
 7/1 Due to the current course conditions etc. If the Wednesday match is cancelled.
Notification will be posted on the Wednesday Startlist page by 7pm on Tuesday. Reminder to REFRESH the page.